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Phillip Dowling

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Phillip studied and completed an Honors' Degree in Meteorology and Oceanography in the early days then later worked the late shift at a local timber mill while establishing the nursery and an onion plantation. Phillip later gave up the timber mill to concentrate on developing his nursery and onion operations. Phillip closed the onion operation early 2000 to concentrate fully on the nursery.
Phillip has always been passionate about Australian natives and began experimenting with plants resulting in the birth of the well known Acacia Limelight. Since the Limelight Phillip has added a number of natives to his repertoire and has also hunted down and promoted rare and understated natives bringing them into the public arena.
Phillip has been a passionate collector of Australian plants for over 35 years and is responsible for the commercialization and PBR of an extensive range of Australian natives for horticulture.


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Jason Dawe

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Jason started his apprenticeship as a Qualified Nurseryman at a propagation nursery in Geelong, Victoria, in the late 1980's before taking the big step in moving to Mount Gambier in 1993, at the tender age of 20, as the Head Propagator for NPW. This was a perfect opportunity for him to work in his preferred field.
Jason brought with him new ideas and practices he'd learned studying to be a Qualified Nurseryman which he completed at the end of 1993. Jason's knowledge in natives encouraged Phillip to utilize Jason in all areas of the nursery.
Jason's dedication and passion to the promotion of Australian natives and his learned experience in growing natives and the running of the nursery lead Jason to be promoted to his current position of Nursery Manager in 1998.


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Louise Higgins

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Louise started with NPW in July 2000 at the start of the introduction of the GST, as a part time bookkeeper.
In the beginning Louise started doing the accounts part time while working a full time job at Fletcher Jones in Mount Gambier and studying her Diploma of Business Studies. As Louise worked with us it became obvious there were other areas that she could apply her skills and this lead to her doing the Stocklist. This then grew into designing in-house labels and learning how to photograph plants and flowers for these labels and our professionally designed labels. Louise also started our first website which has proved to be a valuable asset to the marketing area of our business.
Louise is also our resident computer IT person, having the ability to 'fix' computers and software glitches when things don't go right! Louise has brought to NPW extensive knowledge of computers and software that has enabled us to be able to utilize the ongoing technology available today.
Louise is currently employed as our Administration and Accounts Manager.

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