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Tighter form, improved performance and premium hedging. Bred right here
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  • 'Jumbo Purple' is a vigorous clump growing small shrub or groundcover growing 30xm x 50cm with lush, dark green foliage. Profuse large purple fan flowers late Spring, Summer and early Autumn. It is a fast growing, colourful, long flowering plant suitable for small gardens and containers.
  • 'Palgarup Trigger' is an unusual plant from coastal heathlands of south west Western Australia with very attractive dark green foliage and an abundance of cream/pink flowers in Spring and Summer. It is hardy and compact, growing 0.5-1m x 0.5-1m, responds well to pruning and has good frost tolerance.
  • 'Sturt's Desert Pea' is a vigorous trailing plant producing a spectacular floral display in Spring, Summer and autumn. It is best treated as an annual with planting in September to February depending on location. Plants may survive the winter but it is best to replant in the Spring and Summer.
  • 'Blue Form' is a tufted plant with narrow grass-like foliage and well displayed blue star flowers late Spring to early Summer. A robust plant suitable for most well drained soils and a sunny position, growing 50cm x 40cm. Plants have a neat habit and respond well to pruning.
  • 'Saxicola Compact' is a small, compact dense shrub, 30 - 50cm x 50cm. It has attractive fine dark green foliage and profuse, well displayed pink flowers over many months. Very hardy in most well drained soils. Full sun or part shaded position. Low maintenance plant, free of most pests and diseases. Requires light pruning after flowering.
  • 'Grass Tree' can grow to 2m and are often branched. Leaves are quadrate-rhombic in cross section and blue-grey in colour. Large dark brown, opening white, flower spikes occur from March to August. Great addition to any garden and is ideal for rockeries, borders or as a feature plant.

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