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  • Correa pulchella Red is a dense speeding shrub, 75cm x 1.2m, with attractive dark green foliage and profuse red bells in late Winter and Spring. It is hardy in most soil types and will provide a dramatic look to your garden or decorative pot, and is an excellent refuge and food source for native birds.
  • 'Scarlet Jack' is a compact form of the hardy Kunzea baxteri, growing to 1.5m x 1.5m. It has attractive light green grey foliage with a long flowering period. Profuse red bottlebrush type flower with yellow tips in Winter and Spring. It is a fast growing, colourful and hardy addition to any garden. Excellent in coastal areas.
  • 'White Delight' is a hardy groundcover growing 0.3 -0.5m x 1.2m with beautiful, greyish foliage with rusty toning and profuse white, star-like flowers in Summer and Autumn. It may be used as a groundcover for general garden plantings or large scale landscaping and embankments. Full sun or part shade position in well drained soil.
  • 'Winter Pink' is a delightful small shrub growing to 0.5m x 1m with fine dark green foliage and masses of delicate pink flowers in Winter. It can be used in general garden planting as an informal low hedge or in large scale landscapes where the requirement is for a small, compact, hardy shrub. Hardy in coastal areas. Bird attracting.
  • Chorizema 'Yellow Form' is a delightful small shrub 50cm - 1m x 1m with lime green heart-shaped foliage and profuse yellow/orange pea flowers over a long period in Winter and Spring. Colourful, small, hardy plant suitable for any native of exotic garden. Looks very effective group plantings.
  • Drummond's Dryandra is a dense rounded shrub 1 x 1m with attractive, deeply-lobed, blue-green leaves. New growth and leaves are reddish-brown and are a future of this hardy shrub. large orange-yellow flowers appear in Winter/Spring and are rich in nectar. It is drought and frost tolerant and is useful as a rockery or border plant.
  • The Honeypot Dryandra is a dense mounding plant to 0.5m, spreading to 0.75m with attractive dark green serrated foliage which is white underneath. The orange-brown 'honeypot' flowers occur May to September and are rich in nectar. Suitable for most sunny, well drained positions. Ideal small plant for rockers and garden borders.
  • 'Apricot Delight' is a hardy and vigorous form of the Spotted Emu Bush growing to 1.5m x 1.2m with a profuse display of apricot coloured buds and flowers in Winter and Spring. Apricot Delight is tolerant of most soil types including heavy clay-loams and lime. Warm sunny position is preferred and plants respond well to prunning.
  • 'Augusta Storm' is a long lived small shrub, 30- 50cm x 1-1.2m, with grey-green foliage and unusual stormy purple flowers with white stamens. It is fast growing and has a profuse flower display for most of the year.
  • Eucalyptus 'cernua' is a decorative, shrubby mallee-style tree, 2.5 - 4m X 1.5 - 3m, with dark green glossy leaves and profuse red buds and flowers in Sept - Nov. Warm sunny position preferred with plants being tolerant of drought and frosts. Hardy in most soils including heavy and slightly alkaline types.
  • 'Goolwa Gem' is a dense and bushy plant, growing 3 - 7m x 2 - 4m. Clusters of pink to red flowers appear from Autumn through to late Spring. Flower colour can vary from white or pale pink through to red from seed grown plants. It is great for native birds and animals with it's bushy habit and long prolific flowering period.
  • 'Lilac Beauty' is a small compact shrub growing to 1 - 1.2m x 1m with narrow shiny foliage. Very profuse lilac tubular flowers are followed by pinkish sepals for many months in Winter and Spring. 'Lilac Beauty' makes a colourful addition for any garden and is ideal for rockeries, containers and difficult hot and dry positions.
  • Eucalyptus 'Pink Form' is a dense foliaged mallee shrub or small tree to 6m x 2-4m with attractive glossy grey-green foliage and a smooth greyish trunk. Flowering is profuse , July to November, with dark pink flowers. It is useful for landscaping, shade, screening, windbreaks, and attracting native birds and animals.
  • 'Ellendale Lace' us a vigorous and hardy hybrid Grevillea growing to 2.5-3m x 2-2.5m with soft lacy foliage and a profuse display of red flowers in late Winter to Early Summer. Ellendale Lace responds well to pruning and is a great hedge or screening plant. It is tolerant of moderate frosts, dry conditions and make excellent low wind breaks.
  • 'Mini Marvel' is a hardy groundcover speeding 1m with a dense habit and dark green intricate foliage. Red flowers are well displayed and profuse April to July. 'Mini Marvel' prunes well and is great for general garden beds, embankments, retaining wall and containers.
  • 'Palgarup Springs' is a spreading shrub or groundcover 1m x 1.5m with intricate dark foliage with red new growth ageing to light green. Flowering is profuse from September to November with red 'spider' type flowers. Plants have good frost tolerance, keep a good dense form, and may be lightly pruned after flowering.
  • Grevillea 'Standards' are small shrubby or groundcover Grevillea species grafted onto hardy rootstock at 1.2 to 2m in height. A stake is only required for support which can be removed once the trunk thickens. Available in three heights and in weeping, layered or bushy styles.
  • Grevillea 'Winpara Ruby' is a dense upright shrub, 2-3m x 1.5-2.5m. Robust light green divided foliage with reddish stems. Profuse deep red flowers in late Winter and Spring. Hardy shrub in most soils including lime and clay. Sunny or part shaded position with unimpeded drainage. Drought and frost tolerant.

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