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  • 'Winapura Surprise' is an attractive and hardy shrub 1.5 - 3m x 1.2 - 2m with rounded dark green foliage and masses of well displayed red - orange flowers in late Autumn, Winter, and early Spring. It thrives in most conditions and is tolerant of limey soils, frost, drought and coastal conditions.
  • Hibiscus 'Apricot Form' is a vigorous erect shrub 2-3m x 1.5-2m with attractive foliage and large apricot Hibiscus flowers during the warmer months of the year. Colourful shrub for a sunny well drained position. Tolerant of light frost, and most soils types. A Good screen or general garden shrub.
  • 'Cardigan River Carpet' has a prostrate suckering everlasting daisy spreading 0.5 to 1m with dark green leaves, silvery underneath. Pink tinged buds open to white everlasting daisy flowers October to April and are profuse. It is great for containers and rockeries in a protected position with regular watering.
  • 'Pink Hibiscus' is a vigorous shrub 3m x 1.5-2m with attractive foliage and large pink Hibiscus type flowers in Spring, Summer, and early Autumn. Warm, sunny, well drained position is preferred, tolerant of most soil types and light to moderate frosts. A colourful addition to any garden native or exotic.
  • Isopogon 'Sunshine' features attractive foliage and new growth with well displayed bright yellow cone-like flowers in Spring. This hardy plant grows to 1m x .50 - 1m and is best lightly pruned each year after flowering. Plants are drought, frost and coastal tolerant, requiring full sun or part shaded, well drained position.
  • 'Ghost of the Running Postman' is a rare, white flowering form of the Kennedia prostrate 'Running Postman'. This vigorous form is prostrate x1-2m with greyish foliage and beautiful white and lime green flowers July to December. Spectacular when mixed with the red flowering form 'Running Postman'.
  • Kennedia prostrata 'Running Postman' is a hardy floriferious groundcover, prostate x 1-2m with greyish foliage and profuse red flowers with a yellowish centre from July to December. It looks spectacular when mixed with the white flowering form 'Ghost of the Running Postman'.
  • Lasiopetalum 'Seafoam' grows 1-1.2m x 1.2m. Beautiful soft textured light green Foliage is a feature with large racemes of white papery flowers in Spring and early Summer. A very hardy plant tolerant of shade, sun, drought, coastal exposure, alkaline soils and moderate frosts.
  • 'Silver Clouds' has silver-grey foliage and cream-yellow flowers in Spring and Summer, growing to 30cm and spreading 30 x 50cm. It is very hardy and thrives in most well drained soils. Plants respond very well to pruning, prefer an open sunny aspect and are hardy to drought, frost and coastal exposure.
  • Marianthus erubescens is a moderately vigorous climber with long, dark green, glossy foliage and profuse red tubular flowers from August to February. Excellent climber for garden structures, embankments and fences. The profuse red flowers are attractive to feeing honeyeaters. Tolerant of moderate frost and drought.
  • 'Seamist' has creamy-yellow flowers which occur in Spring and dense, semi-pendulous grey foliage with a pleasing shape. Plants grow to about 1.2m - 2m wide x 1.5m high and respond well to pruning. Ideal as a small screening plant and thrives most in sunny, well drained positions.
  • Nematolepis 'frondosa' is an erect medium to tall shrub 1.5 -3m x 1 - 1.5m with very neat dark green fragrant foliage. Well displayed white floors are profuse in Spring. Full sun or part-shaded position in a well drained acidic soil is required. Frost and snow tolerant. Respond well to pruning and make and excellent cute flower.
  • 'Billy Buttons' is a tufted perennial with silver-grey foliage and bright yellow globular flower heads in late Spring and Summer. Plant in full sun or semi shade and water well during the hot dry months. This plant is frost tolerant and will also tolerate boggy positions.
  • 'Dulcie's Delight' is a hardy compact shrub 1-1.2m x 1-1.2m with small light green leaves and profuse bright yellow star flowers from September to late November. Well drained sunny or part shade position required. Great addition to any garden or may be used for large scale landscaped requiring a compact, colourful and hardy plant.
  • 'Little Star' is a small erect shrub to 1m x 0.5-0.75m with attractive dark green foliage and profuse red budded star flowers opening white, September to early November. Sunny well drained position in most soil types. Plants are tolerant of frost and dry conditions and respond well to pruning.
  • 'Weeping Pittosporum' is a tall, erect shrub or small tree growing 5m x 1.5-2m with elegant weeping foliage, and profuse, fragrant, bright yellow flowers which cover the plant in winter and spring. Moderately fast growing and performs best in a sunny, dry position. Flowers attract butterflies and the seeds attract birds.
  • 'Wedding Bush' is a dwarf erect shrub 1-1.5m x 0.5-1m with light green foliage and yellowish new growth. Profuse white star flowers occur in Winter and Spring for many weeks. A quick growing and hardy shrub for general gardening or containers, and is a great cut flower.
  • 'Flat Mat' is a vigorous groundcover, prostrate x 1.2m. Prolific purple blue Powers in the warmer months giving a spectacular display. Great colourful living mulch. Full sun or part shaded position. Hardy in most soil types. Lime and moderately frost tolerant. Prune regularly.

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